I would like to use the opportunity to share some insights into my latest project.

⁣In January of 2019 I started recording small sketches that became the atoms from which the album evolved. I spent some months composing, programming instruments and improving my production techniques, guided, at this stage, more by feel than by a clear idea of the final result. I spent time listening and selecting the most interesting pieces of these recordings.

⁣After that I built a studio space with acoustic treatment, put time into extending these sketches into basic song structures and then some more in improving the mixes and arrangements of each of the 8 tracks you can hear in the album.

⁣All songs were mastered by the outstanding Finnish engineer Henkka Niemistö  (http://henkkaniemisto.com/). The themes of “Gravity Dance” were inspired by the American choreographer Steve Paxton and in a broader sense this is an album about resilience.

As you can imagine there are countless hours behind the final result.

Getting here has been a journey and, as an independent creator, direct support from you is highly appreciated and needed.

⁣⁣Streaming is an easy way to support, but starting today you can also get high-resolution files and support by Pre-Ordering the full album which will come out on July 24.⁣

⁣To Pre-Order just visit Bandcamp.