July 24, 2020

New LP “Gravity Dance” now available everywhere.

I'm really excited to announce that today my fourth Tripsitteklang release "Gravity Dance" by Krötenlecker is available everywhere.
You can find links for all streaming platforms here: https://ampl.ink/Qob9K

July 15, 2020

New single “Telstar 401” available now.

I'm very happy to share that the third and final single "Telstar 401" of my album "Gravity Dance" is available now on all streaming services: https://ampl.ink/BMV6O

This ambient track is directly inspired by space, or space junk to be exact. Here's a video to tell you more about it.

July 9, 2020

“Sailor Message” the second single of forthcoming album Gravity Dance is available now.

Happy to share that "Sailor Message" the second single of forthcoming album Gravity Dance is now available on all streaming platforms.
You can find all links here: https://ampl.ink/w1OLO

Again if you want to pre-order the album or show support please check the Tripsitterklang Bandcamp page.

June 30, 2020

New Single “Sailor Message” out on Friday.

The second single "Sailor Message" of the forthcoming album "Gravity Dance" will come out on Friday.

I wrote and recorded the first demo of this song in Hamburg in 2014. I was living close to the water and could see the extra large cargo ships coming and going. There was nothing but a sense of disparity: Millions of goods safely guarded from the port to remote places in Asia, while at the same time news about people dying on the way to Europe were arriving.
News like this have been on the daily news in southern countries like Spain for years, turning the place I used to go the beach as a child, the Mediterranean sea, into the biggest graveyard on the planet.

I'll share all links as soon as they become available. In the meantime you can listen to the first single "Instrument" and pre-order the album form Bandcamp.

June 21, 2020

About the new album Gravity Dance.

I would like to use the opportunity to share some insights into my latest project.

⁣In January of 2019 I started recording small sketches that became the atoms from which the album evolved. I spent some months composing, programming instruments and improving my production techniques, guided, at this stage, more by feel than by a clear idea of the final result. I spent time listening and selecting the most interesting pieces of these recordings.

⁣After that I built a studio space with acoustic treatment, put time into extending these sketches into basic song structures and then some more in improving the mixes and arrangements of each of the 8 tracks you can hear in the album.

⁣All songs were mastered by the outstanding Finnish engineer Henkka Niemistö  (http://henkkaniemisto.com/). The themes of “Gravity Dance” were inspired by the American choreographer Steve Paxton and in a broader sense this is an album about resilience.

As you can imagine there are countless hours behind the final result.

Getting here has been a journey and, as an independent creator, direct support from you is highly appreciated and needed.

⁣⁣Streaming is an easy way to support, but starting today you can also get high-resolution files and support by Pre-Ordering the full album which will come out on July 24.⁣

⁣To Pre-Order just visit Bandcamp.


June 10, 2020

First Single of upcoming album out next week.

I've always dreamt of releasing an album and finally after six years of starting Tripsitterklang Records and earning more experience as a producer this huge and important step is becoming a reality.

I'm very excited to share that the first single called "Instrument" of my upcoming album "Gravity Dance" will be available in all streaming services on Friday 19.06.2020.

What a journey it has been, it has taken over a year to write produce and mix all tracks. Mastering comes from the outstanding Finnish engineer Henkka Niemistö (Stormzy, Slowthai).

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/I_IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl/) for all updates and related info. And check all the past releases and show support in Bandcamp: https://tripsitterklang.bandcamp.com/

April 18, 2020

MJ Cole presents Madrugada – album and documentary.

Electronic music pioneer MJ Cole presents his first album in 17 years. He explores the tension between night and day and also partnered with filmmaker Henry Dean to present a 16-minute documentary. A perfect recommendation for the lockdown.

January 28, 2020

The Grammys 2020

My sort of round-up selecting a few notable mentions from the entire winners list.


LUX - Morten Lindberg  (winner)

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January 20, 2020

NAMM 2020 round up.

New gear from the largest music trade show in the world that took place last week in Anaheim, California.


As a Universal Audio Apollo user this is my absolute favourite pick. I just absolutely love the way they care about the quality of their products and their users. Not everyday a company of this calibre delivers a, latency free, DAW that integrates perfectly with their Hardware.

Diving deeper into the features you will find outstanding tools like the Integrated Multitrack Tape to provide drive and warmth to your single channels, buses or entire mixes. Or the built-in Neve Summing that if, like me, you use Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer to glue, color and drive your mixes, you will be thankful to have a summing alternative with impeccable Neve quality.

And YES! UA is bringing their expertise in electrical and acoustic modeling, sampling, synthesis, and signal processing to virtual instruments for the first time ever. They presented three products that will be available for LUNA: Shape a sampler and real time synthesiser.  

A Moog® Minimoog — developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Moog Minimoog is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of the archetypal 1971 Moog synthesizer.

Ravel™ grand piano — a model of a Steinway Model B grand piano based on UA's proprietary sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance technology.

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Andrés Andrade
Art Direction + Sound

Andrés Andrade
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Andrés Andrade
Art Direction +  Sound

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