April 18, 2020

MJ Cole presents Madrugada – album and documentary.

Electronic music pioneer MJ Cole presents his first album in 17 years. He explores the tension between night and day and also partnered with filmmaker Henry Dean to present a 16-minute documentary. A perfect recommendation for the lockdown.

January 28, 2020

The Grammys 2020

My sort of round-up selecting a few notable mentions from the entire winners list.


LUX - Morten Lindberg  (winner)

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January 20, 2020

NAMM 2020 round up.

New gear from the largest music trade show in the world that took place last week in Anaheim, California.


As a Universal Audio Apollo user this is my absolute favourite pick. I just absolutely love the way they care about the quality of their products and their users. Not everyday a company of this calibre delivers a, latency free, DAW that integrates perfectly with their Hardware.

Diving deeper into the features you will find outstanding tools like the Integrated Multitrack Tape to provide drive and warmth to your single channels, buses or entire mixes. Or the built-in Neve Summing that if, like me, you use Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer to glue, color and drive your mixes, you will be thankful to have a summing alternative with impeccable Neve quality.

And YES! UA is bringing their expertise in electrical and acoustic modeling, sampling, synthesis, and signal processing to virtual instruments for the first time ever. They presented three products that will be available for LUNA: Shape a sampler and real time synthesiser.  

A Moog® Minimoog — developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Moog Minimoog is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of the archetypal 1971 Moog synthesizer.

Ravel™ grand piano — a model of a Steinway Model B grand piano based on UA's proprietary sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance technology.

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January 16, 2020

BajoºCero Mixtape 2

I'm happy to share the second BajoºCero Mixtape for which I've selected 24 tracks of some of my favourite albums of 2019. As always trying to give priority to a diverse selection over a perfect mix. I really hope you enjoy this one!

Tracklist: Mixtape 02 | 01.2020

  1. Hans Hass - Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind
  2. HNNY - Sunday
  3. Psychemagik - Something to Believe (ft. Holly Go Lightly)
  4. Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble - The Colors That you Bring
  5. Bileo - You Can Win
  6. Thatmanmonkz featuring Malik Ameer - Thee Others
  7. The cinematic Orchestra, Roots Manuva - A caged Bird/Imitations of Life
  8. Sarathy Korwar, Zia Ahmed - Mango (feat. Zia Ahmed)
  9. Bakaka Band - Gobonimada Jira (Choose Freedom)
  10. Joe Armon-Jones, Obongjayar - Self:Love
  11. Captain Mustard - Quiet Move (Special Dance Mix)
  12. System Olympia - Close to my Nebula
  13. Telefon Tel Aviv - arms aloft
  14. Park Jiha - Thunder Shower
  15. Konx-om-Pax - Missing Something
  16. Barker - Gradients of Bliss
  17. Yasuaki Shimizu - Seiko 3
  18. Efdemin - Good Winds
  19. Function - Be
  20. Caterina Barbieri - Fantas
  21. Shed - Seelower Höhen
  22. NKISI - V
  23. Bartosz Kruczynski, Poly Chain
  24. Gayana - Last Song (Lipelis Remix)

January 15, 2020


An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.

There are times in life when you find a tool that open up a whole new palette of possibilites. This was the case for me with Magenta.
Powered by the massive and free library for machine learning in JavaScript TensorFlow.js. Magenta is freely distributed in in two flavours: as an open source Python library or as an open source JavaScript API for using the pre-trained Magenta models in the browser.

Magenta will help you get started making music and art with machine learning, and give you some resources if you want to explore on your own.

Check for example: Beatblender

Or Magenta Studio, a collection of music plugins, that can be integrated into Ableton, built on Magenta’s open source tools and models.

Drumbot lets you play real-time music with a Machine Learning drummer that drums based on your melody.

The Google Experiment A.I. Duet lets you play a duet with the computer. Just play some notes, and the computer will respond to your melody.

Or take it one step further with Fruit Genie:

January 10, 2020


Sonarworks partners with 1MORE to bring next generation SoundID technology to the consumer headphone market for the first time!

I've been using Sonarworks extensively over the past year, while working on a new album, and it's amazing. They are on the incredible mission to provide better sound for everyone.

Now the same technology being used in over 45.000 professional recording studios in the world becomes available for iOS and Android devices.
The app allows to create a profile for your headphones adjusting the sound based on the biggest ever research into sound preferences - a 39,000 sample size.

Sonarworks have developed a method of analysing and augmenting sound using machine learning and big data based sound preference and hearing tests.

They state that over 78% of listeners prefer SoundID  enabled audio delivery over the factory default settings of any single headphone model.

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January 1, 2020

Welcome 2020!

I want to thank all agencies, musicians and friends for 2019 and wish you all only the best for 2020. Expect more creative projects, music releases with Tripsitterklang and mixes with BajoºCero. Let's all combine forces to change the world for the better and make amazing things happen.

December 3, 2019

BajoºCero Mixtape 1

I'm starting a new music podcast called BajoºCero. The Shows are intended as mixtapes (like in the good old days) more than DJ sets . They are around 90 minutes long and eclectic - without any genre restrictions. You can find the shows at: https://www.mixcloud.com/bajocero/ Enjoy!

Tracklist: Mixtape 01 | 12.2019

  1. Jessica Pratt, Opening Night
  2. Gustavo Cerati, Es Sólo una ilusión
  3. Maribou State, Trurnmills
  4. Mirror. Witch Prophet
  5. Leon Bridges, Bad Bad News
  6. The brand new heavies, You are the universe
  7. Michael Kiwanuka, Living in Denial
  8. Eric Lau, Do zou like music
  9. Sleaford Mods, Snout
  10. Vince Staples, Big fish
  11. Bernice, Don't want to be European
  12. Grizzly Bear, Aquarian
  13. Local Natives, Café Amarillo
  14. Perfume Genius, Go Ahead
  15. Foxyggen, Mona
  16. Tirza, Basic Need
  17. Illum Sphere Featuring Shadowbox, Love theme from Foreverness
  18. Xenoula, Deer Ron
  19. Hilang Child, Starlight Tender Blue
  20. Cigarretes After Sex, Heavenly
  21. Leifur James, Mamma Don't Tell
  22. Unloved, Cry Baby Cry
  23. Grace VanderWaal, Ur So Beautiful
  24. Kwes., 36
  25. Ezechiel Pailhés, Boyd London
  26. Chet Baker, While My Lady Sleeps (alternate Take)
  27. Tom Waits, Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
  28. The Alan Parsons Project, Eye in the sky

November 21, 2019

Engineering Emmy Awards 2019

Since 1978, the Engineering Emmy Awards have been Presented to an individual, company or organization for engineering developments that considerably improve existing methods, or innovations that materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.


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October 14, 2019

The multi-storey

Searching for the Saatchi & Saatchi - New Creators Showcase of 2019 I came across "The Multi-Storey" a video by Trim Lamba.

I really find the idea of filters becoming part of the real world interesting. That somehow reminds me to HYPER-REALITY by Keiichi Matsuda.

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Andrés Andrade
Art Direction +  Sound

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