New gear from the largest music trade show in the world that took place last week in Anaheim, California.


As a Universal Audio Apollo user, LUNA is my absolute favourite pick. I just absolutely love the way they care about the quality of their products and their users. Not everyday a company of this calibre delivers a, latency free, DAW that integrates perfectly with their Hardware, for FREE.

Diving deeper into the features you will find outstanding tools like the Integrated Multitrack Tape to provide drive and warmth to your single channels, buses or entire mixes. Or the built-in Neve Summing that if, like me, you use Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer to glue, color and drive your mixes, you will be thankful to have a summing alternative with impeccable Neve quality.

And YES! UA is bringing their expertise in electrical and acoustic modeling, sampling, synthesis, and signal processing to virtual instruments for the first time ever. They presented three products that will be available for LUNA: Shape a sampler and real time synthesiser.  

A Moog® Minimoog — developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Moog Minimoog is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of the archetypal 1971 Moog synthesizer.

Ravel™ grand piano — a model of a Steinway Model B grand piano based on UA's proprietary sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance technology.

And now the best: LUNA is going to be available for free for Apollo Users later this year.

Solid State Logic Audio Interfaces: SSL2 and SSL2+

Entering the personal studio market first with their small SSL SIX mixer and now adding their first-ever dedicated audio interfaces: the SSL 2, and SSL 2+. Both are USB-powered and include class-leading mic preamps, legacy 4K analogue enhancement mode inspired by classic SSL consoles, studio-quality monitoring, and an SSL Production Pack software bundle.


APOGEE Symphony Desktop Audio Interface

Joining the compact interfaces with built-in hardware DSP processing competition Apogee presented their Symphony Desktop 10×14 Audio Interface. It has the sound quality of Apogee’s rack-mount Symphony I/O Mk II, cutting edge A/D convertor, Symphony DAC, Symphony Desktop’s mic preamps offering up to 75dB of gain performance in a portable product. It includes British Solid State mic preamp emulation and 50s American Tube mic preamp emulations.

For $1399 you get – Symphony Desktop with all their FX (includes Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec MEQ-5, ModEQ 6, ModComp and Opto-3A plugins, a $499 value)

PreSonus ioStation 24c

The ioStation 24c is a combination of an audio interface and production controller. 

In my opinion it presents one of the most interesting features from a User Experience perspective. It basically allows you to mouse-over any element of the the user interface on the screen with the mouse and have a dedicated hardware knob that automatically becomes active for that control automatically.

Barefoot Sound, Footprint02 

The 3-way monitor Footprint02 is even more affordable and offers the same uncompromising audio quality and design characteristics as the Footprint01.

The two models share the same Barefoot signature designs — Dual-Force™ technology opposing sub woofers, dual ring radiator tweeter and Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation™ or MEME — Technology first featured in their flagship MicroMain and MiniMain series.

Loopcloud  Beta 5.1 New Features

Loopcloud adds Tabs and "drag and drop" multiple channels!
Loopcloud Drum will allow you to import sounds and export sequences, loops, stems or single shots. I've been using Loopcloud a lot and have missed exactly what they are updating. Looking forward to 5.1.


The new standalone production tool AKAI - MPC One, is the most compact and most affordable of the company’s hardware beatmakers.


With their all-in-one sequencing solution Arturia's Keystep Pro is a polyrhythm creator dream. It features 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks, 16-part integrated drum sequencer,  3 octave keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. In term of connectivity: 4 CV, Gate and Mod outputs, 8 dedicated drum Gate outputs, Clocks, MIDI in, 2 MIDI outs, a solo metronome output, sustain input, and USB.



The long awaited, and one of the most sought after instruments from the vintage synthesizer era, the Korg ARP 2600 FS was presented.


Here a presentation by Richard Devine:


The wave sequencing synthesiser Korg Wavestate uses what they call Wave Sequencing 2.0 splitting apart the timing, the sequence of samples, and the melody, so that each can be manipulated independently.



The Nord Wave 2 is a 48 voice polyphony, 4-part synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable.