Digital Campaign

Die Techniker
Germany's best health insurer.

When looking for a public health insurance most people living in Germany perceive no significant difference between providers.
To change this, premium health insurance "Die Techniker - TK" re-launched its brand with a new corporate identity and an integrated image campaign. 

Agency: elbkind     Role: Creative Director  


Brand: Die Techniker
Industry: Health Insurance
Project: Ultrawearables - Digital Campaign
Year: 2016

Idea and concept 
Display and Social Ads
Adaptive Website
CGI / 3D 
Social Media
Influencer Video

The Brief

Print and T.V. was to be developed by the lead agency. Our brief was to extend the classic campaign for all online channels and communicate their new positioning to: technicians, engineers, scientists and academics. Key was to communicate that our human bodies are outstanding masterpieces packed with incredible technology. 

Campaign tagline: "Because the best technology is human."

The Creative Idea: 
The best technology is human.

Following the tagline „The best technology is human“ and picking up two contemporary trends, wearable technologies and technological products, we created:  „The Ultrawearables“ 

A set of three super-products that would reveal to our target-audience that no technology out there is better and more important than the one we already own: Our own bodies.

Expanding three main elements of the print campaign: The brain, the ear and the hand – we created The Ultrawearables.

The Execution

1.  Unboxing Video - Influencer
Youtuber Cheng Loew was invited to disclose the Ultrawearable Supermicrophone  in an outstanding unboxing video. He received the real product box and demonstrated the incredible performance of our own ears in a supersonic adventure. 


2.  Influencer - Instagram takeover
Together with that, several influencers were invited to take over TK’s Instagram channel and present all the amazing things that our Ultrawearables enable us to touch, hear and think.

Every image content matched one of the Ultrawearables:

  • Touch -> Supertool
  • Sound -> Supermicrophone
  • Thinking -> Supercomputer

Users were asked to recognize the places on the images and by commenting the right answer could win TK sponsored prizes. 

3.  Inhouse Content Production
Besides the Instagram takeovers and the print campaign related content, we also produced a set of three moving images: an ear built by all things a DJ might use, a hand showing daily-objects that we use with our hands and  a "Left Brain Vs Right Brain" also built with common bjects.   

All images communicate 
 the core campaign message:
It's amazing all the things your body allows you to do! Remember you already own the best technology -> your Ultrawearables. 

4.  Display and Social Ads
The solution also comprised a set of display and social media ads that, like all other elements, led up to a Product-Microsite.

5.  Product Microsite

All digital touchpoints of the campaign led up to the product microsite where users discovered the technical features that make our hands, our ears and our brains technical masterpieces.  

Impresive CGI morphing visuals controlled with the scroll position revealed that behind each Ultrawearable there was no real product, but instead our own bodies.  

Navigation and product page detail.