andrés andrade
Yes, it's ʌnˈdrɛs like undress.

I'm a design-driven creative director and musician helping responsible brands build a good future.  

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Current Projects:



About ŋfrīendly:
Launching in 2019 ŋfrīendly's mission  is to create balance by maximising  brands social and environmental impact. We strive to empower consumers to make conscientious and informed decisions by combinig strategic design with creative excelence.


Founder & Producer

About Tripsitterklang:
Audiovisual label to showcasing  some of my music  productions.

Leading Teams 
Providing Concepts
Design &
Art Direction

·  Creativity and management
Leading multi-disciplinary/cultural creative teams (up to 20 people.)
·  Managing multiple projects and clients
·  Presentation experience to all management levels
Digital and integrated campaigns
·  Print & Digital Design, UI/UX
·  Film/Video/Photography
·  A/V Programming 
·  Music & Sound Production

Past Stations:

Agencies: Heimat , FEED, elbkind, Jung von Matt, Grabarz & Partner

Brands:  eBay, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Kia, Opel, BWM, Die Techniker, Sixt, Vodafone, Pierre Cardin, Deutsche Bank  

After spending many years working in extremely recognised agencies my feelings are mixed.

On the one hand I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities I had to learn and develop. On the other,  I'm convinced the world will not become a better place for all of us if we continue working in that manner. We must  stop and consider if the value we are creating for these "super-brands" is actually any good. We, as advertisers, must question ourselves: Are we part of the problem? Or part of the solution?. New rankings evaluating sustainable impact should become the new standard.  

I believe new ways of working have to be discovered and a, renewed, responsible advertising is possible.  

Founding ŋfrīendly is my alternative.  

University of Arts & Design Karlsruhe, Univeristy of Amsterdam (UvA), Esola Superior de Disseny (ESDi) Barcelona

Image Credit: Max Ebert

Copyright: Work ideas, concepts and content remain the intellectual property of the respective clients and their service partners. Sharing and distribution is strictly prohibited without express written permission. If you have  issues please let me know.