andrés andrade
Yes, it's ʌnˈdrɛs like undress.

Design driven creative director, audio producer & mixer based in Berlin.

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Leading Teams 
Providing Concepts
Design &
Art Direction

·  Leadership and creativity
Leading multi-disciplinary teams (up to 20 people)
·  Managing multiple projects and clients
·  Presentation experience to all management levels
Digital and integrated campaigns
·  Print & Digital Design, UI/UX
·  Music & Sound Production/Mixing
·  Film/Video/Photography

Current Projects:



About ŋfrīendly:
Launching in 2019 ŋfrīendly's mission  is to create balance by maximising  brands social and environmental impact. We strive to empower consumers to make conscientious and informed decisions by combinig strategic design with creative excelence.


Founder & Producer

About Tripsitterklang:
Founded as an independent music label to present my personal productions. In 2019 I will extend the services of the label to Recording & Mixing, Composition & Production, Film Scoring and Music For Advertising.

Design & Advertising

Agencies:  Heimat, FEED, elbkind, Jung von Matt/Alster, Grabarz & Partner

Brands: eBay, Opel, Volkswagen, Kia, Mercedes Benz AMG, BWM, Die Techniker, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank

My road in the digital communications field goes back to 2008 when I joined eMascaró in Barcelona as a trainee while attending university. Yes, that's when Flash was still THE thing and browsers could only display arial.  I worked on several projects for brands like Deutsche Bank.

After that I moved to Germany to continue my media art studies at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe  I joined Finest/Magma (today just Magma, it it was called Finest Branding Group back then but it doesn't exist anymore - blame the 2008 crisis for that.). There I worked as an intern and then as a designer for consumer electronic brands like AKG, also working on sound design for several product videos. After that I started freelancing and collaborating with start-ups, founded SPINTRIA which was my nomadic studio back in the day. Got a scholarship to go to the University of Amsterdam for a year and work on artistic research - please don't ask what that means.

After that and finishing with University I worked in Berlin, moved to Paris, Barcelona and finally to Hamburg to work with Grabarz & Partner as an Art Director for Volkswagen France, followed by Jung von Matt/Alster  doing mostly digital art direction for Kia Motors Europe, Vodafone, BMW.
I then joint elbkind to learn how social media agencies work. I worked as a senior art director and later became their creative director, leading a small team and working for several brands like Die Techniker, Mercedes Benz, and Frankfurt Airport.   

After that I joined FEED as their creative director for eBay in berlin but working closely with London and  leading a larger team of about 20-30 people including mostly UI and UX designers. The next station after that was Heimat Berlin where I worked as head of content leading a team of 15-20 people for Opel, until McCann won that account.  


Key Facts:  I play drums, guitar and piano. Experience in audio recording, production and mastering. Specialized in audio spatialization. Founder of label Tripsitterklang.    

I started taking piano lessons at the age of six, than moved to guitar and finally to drums. At a young age I enjoyed playing all three, but drums became my first instrument. During my digital design studies in Barcelona I learnt the basics of sound recording and production during a two year program. After that I moved to the University of Arts & Design in Karlsruhe where I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge spending a lot of time doing field recordings, sound design, video and live event recordings.


I later specialized in audio spatialisation using software to move sound in space and worked in the ZKM Studios and also in the 4D Sound in Amsteradam during ADE in 2014.  After that I launched Tripsitterklang to present my own music. 

University of Arts & Design Karlsruhe

Oct. 2008 - Feb. 2014

Media Arts
Prof. Michael Bielicky 
Communication Design
Prof. Sven Völker
Media Philosophy
Prof. Byung Chul Han

University of Amsterdam

Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2013

Artistic Research & Exhibition Analysis Scholarship

Travels to Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands to visit and meet directors and curators of exhibitions spaces and cultural institutiuons.

Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDi) -

Mar. 2006 - Sept. 2008

Digital Design & Electronic Arts

Foundation of Photography, Video, 3D & Sound. Programming (Processing & Max/MsP),  Technical and Artistic drawing. Design & Art History.


Max Ebert 
Animation Guzzling Gum 
 Viola Kup
Copyright: Work ideas, concepts and content remain the intellectual property of the respective clients and their service partners. Sharing and distribution is strictly prohibited without express written permission. If you have  issues please let me know.