Andrés Andrade
Yes, it's ʌnˈdrɛs like undress.

Hi! I'm a design-driven creative director and the founder of the Berlin-based imprint Tripsitterklang.  

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Current Position:



From 0-100% 

About Tripsitterklang:
Berlin-based audiovisual label.

Leading Teams
Providing Concepts
Design &
Art Direction

·  Creativity and management
Digital and integrated campaigns
·  Managing multiple projects and clients
·  Leading multi-disciplinary/cultural creative teams
·  Presentation experience to all management levels
Print & Digital Design, UI/UX
·  Film/Video/Photography
·  A/V Programming 
·  Music & Sound Production

Past Experience:

Heimat  | Berlin  
Head of content

Mar. 2018 - Aug. 2018

Entire creative output optimisation for all social media channels of Opel. Unit lead of a team of 20 people.  

FEED | Berlin  
Creative Director 

June 2017 - Sept. 2017

Creative Director CRM for the client eBay (Germany and global growth).
Coordinating internal agency development with London and San Francisco. 

elbkind | Hamburg 
Creative Director 

July 2016 - Apr. 2017

Leading the agency’s digital creative team 
Digital creative lead for the client 'Die Techniker' among others.

elbkind | Hamburg
Senior Art Director

Feb 2016 - June 2016

Main Clients: Mercedes Benz, Die Techniker, Frankfurt Airport. Side projects for Pierre Cardin. 

Jung von Matt/Alster
Art Director / Digital

May 2015 - Oct. 2015

Main Client: Kia Motors Europe
Side projects for: Vodafone, Sixt, BMW. 

Hamburg, Germany

Grabarz & Partner
Art Director / Digital

Nov 2014 - Apr. 2015

Client: Volkswagen Véhicules Utilitaires, France

Hamburg, Germany

Art Director / Designer

Jan. 2009 - Today

Clients: Start-Ups, private clients and agencies in Europe (+UK).

Finest Branding Group
Internship / Designer

Mar. 2009 - Aug. 2011

Clients: Maurice Lacroix, Rutronik, and consumer electronics clients like AKG and JBL.

Karlsruhe, Germany

eMascaró Crossmedia

Jan. 2008 - July 2008

Cleints: Several Hotel Websites, Deutsche Bank, Valentine.

Barcelona, Spain

Media Arts
HfG Karlsruhe
University of Arts & Design

Oct. 2008 - Feb. 2014

Communication Design (min.)
Art Research and Media Philosophy (min.)
Digital Design & Programming 
Sound: Recording/Mastering
Photography: Direction, Studio, B&W and Color processing 
Film and Video

Artistic Research
University of Amsterdam

Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2013

Artistic Research, Exhibition Analysis & Practice Scholarship.
Extensive research in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands together with curator Suzanne van de Ven.


Digital Design
ESDi - Barcelona
Escola Superior de Disseny

Mar. 2006 - Sept. 2008

Design & Art History
Digital Image Editing



Image Credit: Max Ebert

Copyright: Work ideas, concepts and content remain the intellectual property of the respective clients and their service partners. Sharing and distribution is strictly prohibited without express written permission. If you have  issues please let me know.